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Walking barefoot

Опубликовал: 20.12.2019
Физкультура Легко


It is very useful at least once a day, and preferably twice, in the morning and in the evening, walk or run barefoot on the ground. And in the summer, and in the winter, and off-season, in any weather all year round. What does it give?

First of all, resistance to colds increases, since the feet are reflexively connected to our six glands. Cooling the feet, we thereby harden the throat. The tonsils are an immune shield that stands in the way of many diseases.

Secondly, the revitalization of internal organs. After all, the zones of the feet are not only reflexively, but also energetically connected with all the systems of our body. Therefore, walking barefoot is beneficial when the one has liver diseases, eyes diseases, stomach and pancreas, intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys diseases, etc.

Thirdly, standing barefoot, we dump the accumulated static electricity. It adversely affects the biofield, causes fatigue of the nervous system, headache and other troubles.

Usually you can start walking barefoot without special preparation (although in the winter before doing so it is advisable to walk barefoot on the floor and pour cold water on your feet for two to three weeks). In summer you can walk as much as you want. In winter, for starters, it’s best to just step on the snow and immediately return. Then, very gradually increase the time, guided by their sensations. By the end of the first winter, it is advisable to make it up to 2-5 minutes long.

In severe frost, it is better to walk or run, because if you stand still, you can have frostbite. Upon return, the feet are washed only with cold water. It is impossible to describe the sensations of revitalization, renewal, especially strong in the first months of classes. This is joy and goodness, a special kind of ecstasy.

Text: from the book Ar Eddar “Treatise of nutrition”

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