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Vision: fix eyes on shoulders

Опубликовал: 18.06.2017
Физкультура Легко



1. Sitting or standing upright and holding your head still, look towards the right shoulder.
2. Focus on the right shoulder if possible without blinking. Do not turn your head to the right, keep your back straight.
3. When unpleasant and painful sensations appear in the eyes, relax them, relax a bit and repeat the exercise. Gradually bring the fixation time to 2–4 minutes.
4. Repeat for the left shoulder
5. Relax your eyes.


Fixations of the gaze on the tip of the nose, on the interbrow space, on the right and left shoulders increase the ability of the eye lens to focus vision at different distances, and give the ability to concentrate.

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”

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