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Lower abs

Опубликовал: 31.01.2020
Физкультура Средне



1. Lie on your back, stretch your legs together. Twist the fingers and place them on the back of the head, under the head.
2. Gently raise the upper body, without removing your hands from the back of the head. Having passed the upper position, continue to lower forward until the head touches the knees. Keep your legs tight against the floor.
3. Without lingering, just as smoothly lower to the starting position. Repeat abs exercise 5 to 50 times.


Strengthens the rectus abdominis muscles, mainly their lower section. Gently massages the abdominal organs, causing an increased flow of blood to them. Reduces belly fat deposits. Complementing the previous exercise, makes the spine elastic.

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”

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