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Legs incline

Опубликовал: 02.02.2020
Физкультура Средне



1. Lie on your back, legs are together. Spread straight arms to the sides so that they are in one line, keep them on the floor, palms down.
2. Raise your legs at an angle of ninety degrees.
3. Leaning on your back and arms, tilt your straight legs to the side until you touch the floor with your hand.
4. Without stopping, gradually raise your legs up again and lower them on the other side.
5. Tilt your legs 5 to 20 times (tilt to the right and left is considered 1 time).


It develops lateral abs muscles, tone the abdominal organs of the two previous exercises, reduces fat folds on the sides of the waist. Increases spinal flexibility

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”

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