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Eyes relaxation

Опубликовал: 15.06.2017
Физкультура Легко



1. Stand up or sit calmly and steadily, you can lie on your back. It is desirable that there are no bright light sources in the field of view.
2. Close your eyes and relax your eyelids. You can mentally stroke your eyes with warm, soft fingers. Feel the eyeballs completely passively lying in the eye sockets.
3. The face and the body also relax. This will provide additional relaxation, but all attention is focused on eye relaxation. The feeling of warmth and heaviness should change lightness, weightlessness, and in the future - a complete loss of sensation of the eyes.
4. The relaxation time is not limited. This exercise can take 20-40 seconds if performed among other exercises. If performed by itself then it can take up to 3-5 minutes. Relaxation can be practiced at any time.


The exercise is created for eyes relaxation. It is very useful to perform it together with eye relaxation, if it is impossible, you should just relax your eyes. This will protect them from fatigue and will serve as a preventive measure against visual impairment

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”

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