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Exercises for eyes

Опубликовал: 14.06.2017
Физкультура Легко


Exercises for the eyes consist mainly in fixing vision at various points and certain movements with eyeballs and eyelids.

Needless to say how good it is to have a good vision. Yoga exercises for the eyes help restore normal vision, regardless of the nature of the existing disorders - myopia or farsightedness. Success depends on the will of those involved and efforts.

It is widely believed that in old age it is useless to make any attempts to restore vision through exercise. This is not true, however more effort will have to be put in everyday exercises than at a younger age. Improvement comes slower, but will necessarily appear with hard training.

Yogis believe that the eyes consume about 50 percent of the bio-energy attributable to the life of the whole organism. Therefore, even yogis with excellent eyesight perform various versions of Trataka (fixing the gaze). This, by the way, is the most reliable prevention of visual impairment with age.

It should be borne in mind that the functioning of the eyes largely depends on the state of affairs in the whole body, primarily on the state of the nervous system and metabolism. Therefore, along with exercises for the eyes, it is necessary to maintain the general health of the body by performing asanas, pranayama and cleansing procedures.

Eye exercises are best done twice a day. Fixation of the gaze on the tip of the nose, on the interbrow space, various eye movements are best done in the morning or (and) in the afternoon. Fixation on a candle flame is best done in the evening. Exercises to rest your eyesight and alternate fixation on your fingertip and on the horizon or on the tip of your nose and horizon can be practiced at any time.

When practicing twice a day, it is enough to take 10 minutes each time. However, if you have more time and can exercise longer and / or more often it will bring you even more benefits.

Exercises can only be done as long as they are performed easily. You can not bring yourself to extreme fatigue.

After exercises for rest-relaxing the eyes, i.e. looking at the horizon, blinking and after washing the eyes, if they were used separately, you can do any work. If any other exercises performed then you must at least 20 minutes refrain from reading, watching TV and other eye-tiring activities.

Text: from the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”

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