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Bend Leg Rotation

Опубликовал: 09.01.2020
Физкультура Средне



1. Get up straight, raise your arms to your chest, elbows down.
2. Raise the right leg, bend it at the knee and bring the lower leg to the thigh.
3. Perform rotational movements with the foot in the hip joint so that the thigh with the pressed lower leg describes circles of maximum magnitude.
4. Turn 5 to 25 times clockwise, then the same counterclockwise.
5. Lower the right foot, raise the other and repeat the rotation with the left foot.


Increases mobility in the hip joints, strengthens the legs, tones the lower abdomen. Develops a sense of balance, improves fat deposits on the hips and buttocks.

Text: From the book of Ar Eddar “The Beginning of Hatha Yoga”

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